Who We Are

Jake the Carpet Guy and Michelle the Cleaning Lady enjoying the eclipse | RCS Cleaning of Union, MO
Jake the Carpet Guy and Michelle the Cleaning Lady enjoying the eclipse

RCS cleaning was founded in 2016 when we saw a need for a locally owned customer focused cleaning company in Franklin County. RCS knew we would be competing against national chains, so from the beginning our main goal has been “people first”. That is why RCS offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

RCS puts fourth an effort to keep our operation as eco-friendly as possible, but we try not to just throw around the word green. Some of the ways we stay green: using HEPA filters instead of disposable vacuum bags, microfiber instead of paper towels, and our cleaning supplies are sourced from companies that care about the environment. We do this not only to keep harsh chemicals out of our outdoor environment, but also out of your indoor environment.

Jake the Carpet Guy and Michelle the cleaning lady enjoying a beautiful day

Principles of Our Work

  • Customer service
  • Quality of work
  • Professionalism
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility
River scenery | We love our lakes and rivers | RCS tries to run a green operation

Our areas include – Union, MO  – Washington, MO – St. Clair, MO – and everywhere in between. Send us a quick message to get a free estimate.

We try to stay green because we love the outdoors. If we aren’t working we are hiking, biking, fishing and kayaking all over our great state of Missouri. When you love nature, its only natural to want to do your part in keeping it safe.

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