Online Carpet and Tile Cleaning Booking

Just a few simple clicks to book your carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, or schedule an estimate with one of our friendly professionals!

How to Book Online with RCS Carpet Cleaning

Online booking for carpet and tile cleaning is not an exact science, so just use your best guess for the areas you need cleaned. We always inspect and measure on-site to give you the best value for your cleaning budget.

Our ‘by area’ pricing is based on a medium sized room. Large rooms count as 2 areas.

For tile cleaning and sealing, a general guess of the square footage is all we require. We will measure the exact square footage the day of your appointment.

After looking at our booking site, if you would rather talk to us on the phone, you can always reach RCS at (636)584-1559 or click the cat to send us a quick message.

When you are ready to book online, click the button below to use our easy booking system.

The RCS 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Inspect and Educate – We use a UV light to see what isn’t obvious to the naked eye

Discuss any findings – Some stains and some carpets have much different expectations than others.

Vacuum – We have found that vacuuming up loose soil with a small but very powerful vacuum is the single best way to start the cleaning process.

Pre Treat Spots and Stains – Pre treatment with a spotting cleaner will help remove more soil without heavier post cleaning treatments.

Pre Spray and Groom fibers – Agitation of carpet fibers will get cleaning agents deep down into the carpets.

Hot Water Extraction – The NUMBER ONE recommended carpet cleaning method by flooring manufacturers.

Discuss any areas of concern – 90% of spots and stains come up on the first pass, but not all stains are equal. We will discuss with you options for removal, but as always, the customer will have the final say.

Follow up – We love to know how we did. If you don’t get an email right away, please call us with any concerns.

How to prepare for your carpet or tile cleaning

The Week (or more) before – Vacuum and clean as normal, and take note of any areas you are most concerned with.

The Day Before – Put all small furniture in another room, put anything valuable or fragile in a safe place. Entertainment centers and heavy bookshelves can stay where they are. If there is some reason you want those cleaned under (if you are moving) it might be better to consult with us before the day of the cleaning. If you are moving soon it would be much better to clean the carpets after you have moved.

The Hour Before – Pets should be put somewhere safe where the cleaning noise and hustle will not bother them.