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Stains happen. It is just a fact of life. When carpet stains happen in Washington, MO – call a local carpet cleaner! RCS has the training and the technology to get out those pesky stains. The reason it is so hard to DIY carpet stains is that all stains are not made the same.

The number one thing RCS wants you to do when you spill something on your carpet?

Life is messy! RCS can help clean it up!

Red Beverage Stains!!! – Man made dyes and some foods will leave behind a very obvious bright stain in your carpet. These stains are not water soluble, and contrary to what the DIY stain removers tell you, they don’t come out with an oxidizer (oxy or peroxide) and a towel. Dye stains need to be removed using a specialized reducing agent, a towel and localized heat. This process should be done by a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. The only thing worse than a red stain is messing this process up and leaving a burn behind.

Coffee spilled on carpet | RCS Removes Coffee Stains from Carpet | Washington, MO

Coffee, tea and mustard – Natural stains like coffee and tea are treated using an oxidizer. This might sound easy, just spray on some peroxide and poof, its gone! Then a few weeks later the sun has caused the leftover oxidizer to react and now you have a light spot in your carpet that is going to be an expensive fix or a nice place to put a new couch. Applying an oxidizing agent is just part of the process for getting out tannin stains in your carpets. The next part is to remove the oxidizer from the carpet with professional hot water extraction.

Before and after | Dirty Carpet Restoration | Washington, MO

Grease, Oil and Tar – Petroleum based or solvent-soluable stains can be the most obvious and the most difficult to remove. The main problem with grease? It spreads. It grows. And sometimes it is a slow process that you won’t even realize is happening until one day you realize that no matter how much you vacuum, your carpets still look dirty. RCS has spent a great deal of time dealing with grease and tar issues and can usually remove it completely in one visit.

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RCS Carpet Cleaning is YOUR local carpet cleaner. Give us a call or find us on Facebook today for an in-home stain inspection! We will come to your home in Washington, MO and will be able to fix your trouble areas “on the spot!”
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