RCS can help you with your big move - we can clean so you can focus on moving next door or to another country

Real Estate Cleaning in Franklin County

The #1 improvement top real estate agents recommend to get your home market ready is a top-to-bottom deep clean. To serve this need in our community, RCS offers a full-service real estate cleaning package you won’t find anywhere else. The truth is, sometimes jobs are much bigger and the cleanings deeper than a normal surface clean. RCS is ready to meet your needs. We can prepare your property with a top-to-bottom deep cleaning, clean the carpets, and make the windows sparkle with precision and efficiency. First impressions are everything, and RCS is committed to getting your home ready for sale.

RCS Cleaning is prepared to do major projects in both residential and commercial settings. Our company’s resume includes top-to-bottom cleanings of 4000+ square foot homes to prepare for sale, as well as newly purchased large properties in need of TLC. We can also clean up foreclosure flipping projects, after construction and for corporate restructuring. Why hire three separate companies to clean your house, your carpets and your windows? RCS can do it all!

What we offer

Staging and Organizational Consultation

Cleaning the house is sometimes only step one. If you are going to live in your home while it is on the market, keeping it clean is step number two. RCS can help you organize your living space to keep it ready for a potential buyer to walk through at a moment’s notice. Real estate cleaning needs to be a continuous process, because a clean and clutter-free home can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in the final sale price.

The RCS Sales Checklist

RCS has professional cleaners that have a keen eye for trouble spots in your home and how to improve those areas. Minor repairs and often overlooked areas of the home can spell trouble for a sale if not addressed before potential buyers walk through.

Other ways we deep clean

Leaving a rental property?

RCS can help you get your deposit back. Our team regularly works with local property management companies and knows what they expect when renters leave a property. Simple things like blinds replacement and clean carpets can have a big impact on your ability to get your deposit back, and to help get a good reference down the road when you look for a new rental home.

Recently purchased a property that still feels a little lived in?

RCS helps local families get their purchased properties ready to move in. Whether you got a heck of a deal on a property we didn’t clean before it went on the market, or found a foreclosure that needs a little TLC, we are equipped to get your new living space ready for your family.

A cute tiny house

Our real estate cleaning services are all done on a bid basis. Unlike a regular cleaning service, we are unable to make estimates for these large projects over the phone. Call or email today to schedule your free site visit and estimate.