Pet Stain Removal in Washington, MO

We love our pets, but our pets sometimes do things we don’t love. Like pee on the rug!

RCS Carpet Cleaning is here to help you by offering pet odor and pet stain removal in Washington, MO. We don’t just cover up pet odors and stains, we use the latest chemical technology to eliminate them completely. Pet urine is much more than just a stain on the carpet. Fido’s urine contains hormones, metabolites and bacteria that is very different than what Mittens the kitten leaves behind. That is why dog and cat urine smell so completely different. Chemistry!

Brown and white terrier looking very relaxed in the hall

The Problem with Pet Stains

Pet urine contains concentrated uric acid that penetrates through the carpet, the pad and pools on the sub floor. This is why pet odor can be so frustrating to try to eliminate with household products! Uric acid is not very water soluble, which means normal means of getting at stains (hot water and synthetic detergents) will work in the short term, but any uric acid left behind will revert back to its crystalline form, turning back into salts known as urates.

RCS has the training and technology to chemically break down the uric acid salts with a pet stain specific pre-spray, then with a special tool we can focus our vacuum power in a targeted area to get all the way past the pad and pull the pet mess up off of the sub floor. After this process is completed we finish the area with a sanitizing spray that removes any of Fido’s leftovers.

Call RCS Carpet Cleaning today for an in-home pet stain inspection!

We will come to your home in Washington, MO and will be able to show you all your trouble areas “on the spot” with our pet mess detecting black light!
A UV light showing the glowing area where a pet made a mess on a carpet

Estimates are always free. RCS is fully insured through Barton Mutual and background checked through the Missouri FCSR.