Carpet Cleaning in Washington, MO

Looking for the local carpet cleaner in Washington, MO with the fastest dry times in Franklin County? You are in luck! RCS Carpet Cleaning has an eight step process that gets out more dirt and dries faster than any other carpet cleaning method.

Your carpets will be dry to the touch within two hours, and 100% dry before you go to work the next day! No more soaked socks just to get your carpets cleaned!

Pets Love Us! And we love pets!

Brown and white terrier looking very relaxed in the hall

We also offer comprehensive pet stain and odor treatments, so your little friends will feel confident that they aren’t leaving behind an embarrassing mess!

RCS doesn’t just cover up pet odors and stains, we use the latest chemical technology to eliminate them completely. Pet urine is much more than just a stain on the carpet. Fido’s urine contains hormones, metabolites and bacteria that is very different than what Mittens the kitten leaves behind. That is why dog and cat urine smell so unpleasantly different. Chemistry!

Property Managers Love RCS Too!

Not all jobs are created equal! Did a renter leave behind a mess? Give RCS a call before you replace that carpet. We offer free inspections and estimates for all, including property managers.

Better than your average stain treatment

Stains happen. It is just a fact of life. When carpet stains happen – call an IICRC certified local carpet cleaner in Washington, MO!

RCS has the training and the technology to get out those pesky stains. The reason it is so hard to DIY carpet stains is that all stains are not made the same.

Before you try to use something you bought for $1 at the store, call the stain specialists!

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